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British Election Study appoints Stakeholder Group

The British Election Study Team

The British Election Study will benefit from the insights and experience of members of a new British Election Stakeholder Group. This group was invited by the BES team to ensure that BES data represents and reaches a broad range of users outside of academia, as well as within. The BES Stakeholder Group members span the three main British political parties as well as including representatives from non-partisan groups. The BES Stakeholder Group compliments the input on the study from BES survey consultation events held in Edinburgh (in December 2013) and in Cardiff (in January 2014).

The current Stakeholder Group member list is:


Greg Cook (The Labour Party)

Andrew Cooper (Populus Ltd / The Conservative Party)

Ruth Fox (Hansard Society)

Katie Ghose (Electoral Reform Society)

Peter Riddell (Institute for Government)

Tom Smithard (The Liberal Democrat Party)