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Join BES Fact Check on election night

The British Election Study Team

Join BES Fact Check on election night

Britain’s most detailed study of electoral behaviour is to fact check the claims and counter claims of politicians in real time on General Election night.

A British Election Study team led by The University of Nottingham’s Professor Cees van Der Eijk will be scanning the election night coverage from when the polls close at 10pm on Thursday.

Professor van der Eijk along with Stuart Fox, Research Associate – also from The University of Nottingham – will be tweeting from @BESResearch to check if the party’s’ claims on how the public see them really do stack up.

From Nottingham, they will also be posting regular blogs at and the public will also be able to follow the team’s work on Twitter at #BESFactCheck.

And when time allows, BES will be tweeting an array of BES Facts that will help inform the debate throughout the night.

The British Election Study is one of the longest running election studies in the world giving a detailed picture of how British democracy functions.

Since its inception in 1964, it has helped students, researchers, politicians and journalists to understand the changing patterns of British politics.

Professor van der Eijk said: “Politicians and the media all claim to know what the voters meant on the night of a General Election.

“Many try to appropriate the meaning of the election in their own terms. But without an independent, dispassionate and non-partisan check of their claims, we don’t really know how reliable they are.

“And because this election – above perhaps all others in living memory – is so unpredictable, they’re sure to be going into overdrive.

“Please do join us at BES fact Check.”

Follow us @BESResearch and #BESFactCheck on the night of the General Election

Professor van Der Eijk and his team will be available for interview

The British Election Study is managed by a team based at The Universities of Manchester, Oxford and Nottingham.

For media enquiries up to and including 7May, contact:

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British Election Study
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