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Release of EU Referendum Daily Campaign Data (wave 8 of the BES Internet Panel)

The British Election Study Team

The British Election Study is pleased to announce the release of the wave 8 of our Internet Panel survey. Wave 8 constitutes the daily campaign wave of the ESRC’s ‘Panel Survey Study of the 2016 EU Referendum’ (Ref. ES/P001734/1, University of Oxford). This is a BES linked project with the UK in a Changing Europe initiative. Wave 8 was conducted between the 2016 local Elections and the EU referendum. We will also be releasing wave 9 – a post-referendum wave – in the coming months.

In total 31,409 respondents took wave 8 of the British Election Study. 22,885 of these also took wave 7, an overall wave on wave retention rate of 74.1%. 10,678 respondents took all of the first 8 waves of the survey, 35.3% of respondents who originally took wave 1. Wave 8 was conducted by YouGov between 06 -05-2016-and 22-06-2016. Download the data here.

The 2015 British Election Study is managed via a consortium of the University of Manchester, The University of Oxford, and The University of Nottingham. The Scientific Leadership Team is comprised of Professors Ed Fieldhouse, Jane Green, Hermann Schmitt, Geoff Evans and Cees van der Eijk. The team is supported by researchers Dr Jon Mellon and Dr Chris Prosser, and also by BES 2015 consultant Professor John Curtice (University of Strathclyde). The BES 2015 is working in close collaboration with colleagues within the Universities of Manchester, Oxford and Nottingham, and is partnering with a wide variety of affiliated datasets and projects (and proposed projects) to link BES voter data to other data on election candidates and campaigns.