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Request for feedback on suggestions for Wave 15 of the BES panel

The British Election Study Team

As part of a recent BES extension provided by the ESRC, which runs to end March 2019, the BES is able to field an additional wave, which we’ll be doing soon as a pre-Brexit wave (or during, depending on fieldwork and political events). This will provide an up to date data source for contemporary debates and analysis, as well as a benchmark to compare against any later ramifications and BES waves.

We are not issuing a call for new innovations given the tight timeframe (though user-proposals can be submitted in the usual way), but we would welcome suggestions for specific questions that have been previously tested or validated but which have not appeared previously on the BES; the reinstatement of previously asked questions; or prioritisations for continuation of items. Please drop us a line at [email protected] if you would like to before the end of this week (Friday 25th). We cannot promise to field everything but we will consider ideas carefully.