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The BES team are consulting on questionnaire content in a variety of ways; with the BES Board of Advisors, the BES Stakeholder Group, through annual meetings of the Elections, Public Opinion and Parties group of the Political Studies Association, via consultation with colleagues planning or running linked BES studies, and via a programme of events. We conducted the first event in November 2013 in Edinburgh, together with the Future of UK and Scotland initiative, where an audience of 40-50 specialists advised us on the Scottish referendum module of the BES. We conducted another event in January 2014 in Cardiff, together with the Wales Governance Centre, where an audience of 30-40 specialists advised us on the Wales module of the BES.

We also ran a major event in London in December 2014, which was well attended by journalists, politicians and policy makers, providing an opportunity to disseminate research findings and launch the British Election Study Data Playground, looking ahead to the 2015 general election, and also to consult with potential data users (from media, politics, charities and academia) on the in-person post-election survey to be fielded in 2015, and on the 2015 online questionnaires, including the daily rolling thunder campaign study. Please sign up to receive notifications of forthcoming events.