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British Election Study Advisory Board

The British Election Study Team

The British Election Study international Advisory Board includes scholars with considerable experience in running election studies and represents scholars with expertise in Welsh and Scottish politics in the UK. These international and national insights are particularly important given the BES’ focus on international excellence, comparison and explanation of the UK in broad international context, and the UK in devolved and sub-national context. The advisory board advises the Scientific Leadership Team on survey content, oversees progress and delivery and has a role in helping select proposals for BES user content in the BES Internet Panel study.

Advisory Board members:

Professor John Aldrich
Dr Rosie Campbell
Professor Mark Franklin (Chair of the Advisory Board)
Professor Sara Hobolt
Professor Robert Huckfeldt
Dr Rob Johns
Professor Richard Johnston
Professor Richard Wyn Jones
Professor Jeffrey Karp
Professor Ian Plewis
Professor David Sanders
Professor Laura Stoker
Professor Patrick Sturgis