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What are all the variables starting with “responsible”, “party contact” or “priorities”?

The responsible variables all refer to the following grid:

accountability grid

















Respondents are asked to tick each of the parties that are responsible for changes that they identified in the previous questions.

Since respondents can tick as many people as being responsible as they wish, there is a separate variable for each tick box.

So, responsibleNHS_1 equals 1 if a respondent says that the Conservatives are responsible for changes in the NHS and 0  if not. Similarly, responsibleCrime_3 equals 1 if the respondent thinks that the previous Labour government is responsible for changes in the crime rate and 0 if the respondent thinks they are not responsible.

The party contact and priorities questions both work with similar grids that ask respondents to tick all the combinations that apply to them (parties contacting by each method and parties prioritising each issue, respectively).