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How can I submit items for consideration for the questionnaire?


The British Election Study Team is pleased to invite members of the BES user community to submit applications to include custom designed content to future waves of the BES Internet Panel Study. The dates of the waves are set out below.

Wave 1. February 2014

Wave 2. May 2014 Local and European elections

Wave 3. September 2014 Scottish independence referendum

Wave 4. General election 2015 Pre-campaign-post waves

Wave 5. May 2016 Local, Welsh and Scottish elections

Wave 6. May 2017 Local elections


This invitation is open to all BES users including those working in overseas institutions. User designed content may include, but is not limited to, survey experiments, and may also include (for example) short batteries of items asked in other surveys.


The process will be competitive, and all applications will be judged by the BES leadership team and the BES Advisory Board against a number of criteria.

Application process

Applications should be no longer than 2 pages (A4, font size 12) not including the questions or instruments which may be appended separately. Applications should set out the justification for inclusion in the BESIP, bearing in mind the criteria set out above. All proposals MUST include full details of the actuals questions or experiments (including wording and response categories), rather than examples of possible instruments.

Submissions should clearly indicate at which wave(s) the items should be included.

There is no single competition or deadline for proposals for wave 3 onwards, but rather proposals will be considered on their own merit when they are received. All proposals must be received AT LEAST 4 MONTHS in advance of the wave in which they are to first appear. This is to allow adequate time for the board to consider proposals, for the team to work with the proposer and with YouGov to finalise and test the instruments.

A decision will normally be made within two months of submission.

Further details on eligibility, criteria and the application process can be found here

Submit your proposal here