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Message for BES Survey Respondents

The British Election Study Team

Welcome to the British Election Study website. BES is managed by The University of Manchester, The University of Oxford and The University of Nottingham. The Scientific Leadership Team is comprised of Professors Ed Fieldhouse (Manchester), Jane Green (Manchester), Hermann Schmitt (Manchester), Geoff Evans (Oxford) and Cees van der Eijk (Nottingham). The team is supported by Dr Jon Mellon (Oxford) , Chris Prosser (Manchester) and BES 2015 consultant Professor John Curtice (University of Strathclyde). More details about the team here

You have been randomly selected to take part in a face to face  survey, part of the UK’s most important study of electoral behaviour, conducted since 1964. So we can make accurate comparisons over time, we need the survey to be as representative of the British population as possible. That means ensuring that as many as possible of the people we have selected for the study do complete the survey. We would therefore be very grateful for your participation.

The fieldwork is being carried out by GfK NOP, a highly reputable market research organisation and you can find out more about them here .  GfK NOP have set up a special help line for respondents and the number is 0800 056 4536.

To find out more, visit our website or our funders, the Economic and Social Research Council here.

If you still have any queries or concerns, please contact the BES Communications and Marketing Manager Mike Addelman (University of manchester) on 0161 306 6901 or email him at [email protected]