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Data Playground

Welcome to the BES Data Playground. Create a graph, choose data and variables, see the raw data in a table beneath each graph. Please credit the British Election Study in any uses of these data.

The British Election Study is not responsible for any analysis or any uses of data playground analysis. All data in the data playground are weighted for a general population of the UK. Scotland, Wales and England specific weights are not applied. For more complex or detailed analysis than possible in the playground, please download the data from the Data Download section of this page. Note: data are not yet corrected for underestimation of the 2015 Conservative lead in the 2015 panel data.

Data download

Here you will find all British Election Study data released by the current BES team, as well as historical BES data collected in elections between 1964 and 2010. New data are listed first. This provides a one-stop-shop comprehensive list of BES data.

All data listed here can be freely downloaded. By downloading the data you agree to the terms and conditions of use.

Please cite the relevant information in all uses and publications.