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Terms and conditions of data use

Anyone downloading British Election Study Data agrees in perpetuity, starting from the effective date of this agreement:

  1. Not to attempt to identify any individual (living or dead) using information contained with those data (including in British Election Study data obtained previously or in British Election Study data obtained from other sources).
  2. Not to divulge to third parties any Personal Data, Personal Information, confidential data or proprietary information which they encounter during their use of BES data.
  3. Not to share or give access to the data to any third party who has not agreed to these conditions.
  4. To protect personal data from the BES in accordance with the provisions and principles of General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 1998 and its amendments.
  5. Any incidents of unauthorised access to, processing of or disclosing of the personal data must be reported immediately the BES team ([email protected]).
  6. You acknowledge that the BES and the relevant funding agency/agencies bear no responsibility for use of the data or for interpretations or inferences based upon such uses.
  7. To use the correct methods of citation and acknowledgement in publications as given with each dataset.