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Linked data

The 2015 BES is working with a number of related studies of British elections – either planned or underway – to ensure that BES voter data can be linked to additional data for mutual benefits; such as candidate survey data, election leaflets, campaign spending data, agents survey data, qualitative data, etc. The 2015 BES team will also be linking data to the BES voter surveys over time on constituency and lower-level data from geographic units. All available data for distribution will be made available here.

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2014-19 BES Expert Survey Trendfile

  • April 2014 - December 2019
  • N = 303
  • Mode: Online survey

A combined dataset containing the 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2019 BES Expert Surveys

H. Schmitt, G. Evans, E. Fieldhouse, J. Green, J. Mellon, C. Prosser, C. van der Eijk and T. Loughran (2020) 2014-19 British Election Study Expert Survey Trendfile. DOI: 10.48420/20278572

2010-2019 BES Constituency Results with Census and Candidate Data

  • December 2019 - December 2019
  • N = 632
  • Mode: Linked data

2010-2019 election results and contextual data. The data is also available as an excel file.

Fieldhouse, E., J. Green., G. Evans., J. Mellon & C. Prosser (2019) British Election Study 2019 Constituency Results file, version 1.1, DOI: 10.48420/20278599

Version 2.21 2015 BES Constituency Results with Census and Candidate Data

  • May 2015 - May 2015
  • N = 650
  • Mode: Linked data

This dataset provides an updated (version 2.21) file containing the 2015 General Election results by constituency linked to candidate and census data. It is provided by the British Election Study with candidate data provided by Dr Jennifer van Heerde-Hudson. The data is also available as an excel file.

British Election Study 2015 Constituency Results Version 2.2. DOI: 10.48420/20278599