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Data Release: British Election Study Wave 24 Internet Panel: 1 -14 December 2022

The British Election Study team

The British Election Study (BES) is pleased to announce the release of wave 24 of the Internet Panel survey.

This was a supplemental wave with a reduced sample size that mainly includes only core BESIP questions (users should be aware that wave 25 will have a full sample size in line with previous waves). As such, 15,439 respondents took wave 24 of the British Election Study. 12,911 of these also took wave 23, an overall wave on wave retention rate of 41.7%. 252 respondents took all of the first 24 waves of the survey, 0.8% of respondents who originally took wave 1. Wave 24 was conducted by YouGov, between 1st and 14th December 2022.

This mini wave includes MII (most important issue) variable coded W24, constituency and local authority ONS codes for linking, bug fixes and improvements, such as where the country variable for some respondents was incorrectly coded as missing, and the change log is now included in the documentation.

Note: We encourage users to rerun any analyses already in progress that might use the country variable, with the latest version of the data.

Visit the Data area for more information.