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Data Release: British Election Study Wave 25 Internet Panel: 5-23 May 2023

The British Election Study Team

The British Election Study team is pleased to announce the release of wave 25 of the Internet Panel survey.

30,407 respondents took wave 25 of the British Election Study internet panel. 19,549 of these also took wave 23 with a retention rate of 63%. 11,391 took wave 24, with a retention rate of 74%. Wave 25 was conducted by YouGov between 5th May 2023 and 23rd May 2023. As a result, this wave covers the local/mayoral elections and includes items on voter identification.

Alongside the core panel items, this wave includes a range of items that capture attitudes towards the economy, including new measures on nationalisation. In addition, this wave includes a new “culture war” battery, which captures attitudes towards contemporary debates in British society.

The wave includes some updates to ensure maximum completeness of the p_gender and p_socgrade variables, drawing on the profiles data and survey data where this is missing. There are also fixes to the labelling of winConstituencyIndW17 and winConstituencyIndW18, and adds p_edlevel and p_edlevelUni to the documentation. The strings file has also been updated to only include string variables.

We are aware of a small issue with the mansfieldMayor question, which we have detailed in the documentation.

We are aware that a very small number of participants between waves 2 and 6 (654) lack profile information, and we will release a revised version of the panel when this data is available.