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BES Data download

Here you will find all British Election Study data released by the BES 2015 team, as well as historical BES data collected in elections between 1964 and 2010. New data are listed first. We are adding to the historical BES data series to provide a one-stop-shop comprehensive list of BES data, meaning users can come to one place to download all available BES data. This will be completed shortly.

All data listed here can be freely downloaded. Please cite the relevant information in all uses and publications.

BES Data playground

The BES data playground will be launched this autumn! Tools to create your own graphs and tables will be available so that you can run descriptive analysis of BES data without needing to download the data or use statistical software.

Please come back to this page, look out for BES News and sign up via keep in touch for announcement of the BES Data Playground launch date.

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