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Analysing Social Media Communication


Members of the BES Scientific Leadership Team participated in a workshop at the MZES, University of Mannheim, March 28-29, 2014. Twitter and Facebook are now widely used forums of social communication. Many people use them for all sorts of purposes, among them the collection of…

‘The Evolution of British Electoral Studies’ by David Butler


David Butler is Emeritus Professor at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. David ran the first British Election Study survey in 1964 with Professor Donald Stokes. He is viewed by many as the inspiration for the subsequent study of British elections. David is a highly respected colleague and…

Cardiff BES consultation event


What Welsh Voters Think and How They Behave in Elections: A Consultation on the British Election Study Internet Panel  The British Election Study team organised a seminar on the afternoon of Friday 10th January 2014 at which they set out its plans for analysing Welsh voters’ attitudes…