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News - BES Resources

Here you will find a range of resources we think may be helpful in understanding British elections and in analysing BES data. We will be adding podcasts, powerpoint presentations and further information to make the analysis of BES data as straightforward as possible.

The following links may be helpful in accessing statistical software commonly used to analyse social science data:
Installing R

Online data collection contract awarded to YouGov


The contract for the online data collection component of the British Election Study was awarded to YouGov following an open competitive tender process. YouGov will have responsibility for gathering the online internet panel sample of respondents between 2014 and 2017, ensuring maximum wave-on-wave retention rates…

Analysing the Effects of Individual Level Registration: BES Partnership with the Electoral...


The British Election Study is partnering with the  Electoral Commission to analyse the impact of the switch to individual electoral registration (IER) which is  being rolled out from Summer 2014. The partnership will involve two streams of work. (i) Individual level analyses explaining the determinants…

British Election Study Mapping Project Collaboration

As part of the successful Manchester-Oxford-Nottingham bid to run the 2015 British Election Study, the BES will include an innovative ‘mapping project’ designed by international BES collaborators Professor Cara Wong and Professor Jake Bowers (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA) and Professor Daniel Rubenson…

About the BES Internet Panel Study

The new BES team is continuing in the footsteps of its predecessors by collecting data via a large online panel study. This BES Internet Panel (BESIP) will follow the same respondents as well as adding to their number to replace those who drop out of…